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Health & Social Care Staffing App
The Health & Social Care Staffing App

This has got to have been the hardest mobile app I’ve ever produced.

Having searched my brain trying to find a way I can help our frontline workers (and having a Nurse in the family) I come up with a Mobile App that allows Managers & Co-ordinators of Health & Social Care providers to put out shifts that require extra staffing. They can send these out on the app and by Push Notification. This helps them reduce costs on Bulk SMS subscriptions that they currently have to pay for as well as efficiently notifying ALL their staff when there is a requirement for extra staff.

On the other side, approved members of staff can show when they are available at short notice, allowing the Managers and Co-ordinators to see if anyone is available to work quickly and easily.

The reason it has been so hard is that both Apple and Google locked down their app review processes as a result of the COVID situation and were unwilling to approve apps for the health sector unless they came from a government approved source.

BUT…with multiple appeals, resubmissions and emails bouncing back and forth, it was approved and I’m very happy to say it’s now being used in a frontline NHS unit and helping out.

Just goes to show that wanting to help out is not always enough…sometimes you have to persevere and PROVE that you want to help out.

If you know anyone who works in the Health or Social care sectors and feel this could help out – let them know.

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