I hadn’t realised how much I would be able to do with an App until we had our chat…

A Mobile App for your business is not JUST for your customers.

This is a common occurrence. A lot of people “think” they know what an app is and what it can do, based upon what apps they currently use. But the limit of what an app can do, not only for your customers but for your business as well is often limited by the imagination.

The quote above came after a discussion I had with someone I’m now working with to produce a mobile app for her business.

Yes, she wanted an app for her customers, clients, and potential customers to see what she does and how she can help them. But on talking with her, she also wanted a way to move her business to a more automated function help her from doing a lot of the manual data functions she had found herself doing as a result of moving her business to a more digital platform following the restrictions placed on her by the coronavirus situation.

She wasn’t aware of what could be done and wanted to have a chat to see if I could help.

Her original way of working was with a manual system. Her clients were asked to fill out a daily information sheet and send it to her. This moved to email when March 2020 hit due to the lockdown. But she would have to review all the information sheets for a client before her appointment with them, which even on an email system was slow and inefficient.

What we decided on was a “Clients Only” section of her app. Her clients would be provided with a log in and they could fill in their daily information sheets within the app. The app would send them push notifications to remind them to do it. (And a lot of us know when our phone buzzes or pings we LOOK at it!) For a start, this would target getting more complete information, hopefully reminding the client to complete the data there and then, without having to open their email.

A well designed mobile app allows clients to complete their data and submit it to you when it’s convenient.

Prior to an appointment with the client, she would then simply log in to her app, choose her client, and see all the data sheets her client had completed and just swipe through them. Reviewing the information she needed and be fully prepared for their appointment.

So yes, the app is going to help her promote what she does, and get more people to hear her message. But it’s also helping her with her business processes and making her tasks smoother and easier. 

That saves time! That saves money! 

Investing in an app to not only promote her business and engage with her customers, a mobile app is helping her RUN her business. All in one package.

If you don’t know what a mobile app could do for YOUR business, get in touch and we can talk through what YOU do and how you could be doing it better on a mobile platform.

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