The Procrastinating Geek – Launch

Hi there! Welcome to the first post of my blog, The Procrastinating Geek. I’m so glad you could join me for this new journey into the world of procrastination.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been putting off writing this post for some time now (it's taken me ages!). It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to write it—I do! But every time I sit down at my computer and try to start typing up something coherent and interesting, my brain starts spinning in circles like a dog chasing its own tail until something else catches its attention and pulls it away from what it was doing a moment ago (in this case: writing).

I know how important it is for bloggers to get their first posts out there as soon as possible so people will actually see them (and potentially sign up for your email list), but sometimes procrastination wins out over getting things done on time because eventually we all must succumb to our inner demons.

As a Software Developer with a Psychology Degree, you'd think I'd be pretty well set to combat the Big P (Procrastination) - but it can be a daily struggle. From experience, I can say that it's a habit you can break, or at least manage.

In my blogs, I'm going to be looking at what exactly procrastination is, what the science says about it, what I do to combat it, and what others do. It's as much of a personal journey as it is a method to help all the other procrastinators out there. Feel free to jump in with your ideas, tips or experiences and I'll feature them in the blog.

They'll eventually be a YouTube Channel, email list and much more.  And as soon as I get round to it I'll get a place where you can join these things.  Hey, I may even write a mobile app for it - but lets not overstretch ourselves as soon as we start!

My first piece of advice - don't beat yourself up for procrastinating....In most cases, procrastination is not a sign of a serious problem. It's a common tendency that most people give in to at some point or another.  By feeling bad about it you can easily get into a cycle of further procrastination and feel even worse about it.

See this blog as a bit of a support group.  Let's act as accountability partners for each other.

 "Procrastination is like a credit card...It's a lot of fun until you get the bill."
Christopher Parker

See you soon! (If I get round to it)
Simon - The Procrastinating Geek

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