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  • 1. How much will a Mobile App for my business cost?

    This is far and away the most popular first question....and possibly the hardest to give a very clear answer to.  In short "it depends".  If you want to buy a car then do you want a cheap but functional model or a top of the range luxury vehicle?  Obviously what you want it to do and what features you will use will adjust the cost but in general terms, a basic mobile app starts at £399.00 for design.  You also need to factor in that there is an ongoing cost to host the app and allow data changes and push notifications.  These start at about £45 per month.

    Of course, a highly technical bespoke app will cost more than this but the advanced features and design will pay for themselves with your increased customer engagement, loyalty and ability to get your customers to refer you.

    The easiest thing to do it get in touch with your ideas and we can help you with a more specific idea of costs for your specific app.

    Contact us

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  • 2. Why do I need a Mobile App for my business?

    We're all doing more on our mobile phones - FACT!  Mobile use is outstripping laptop/desktop use and this gap is growing.  Your customer wants to interact with your business when it's convenient to them...and this is where a Mobile App comes into it's own.

    If your business is forward looking enough to get it's own mobile app, you could leap ahead of your competitors as Mobile Apps in the Small and Medium Business Sector are still rare.  This wont last!

    There are 7 Magic Benefits to getting a Mobile App for your business (there are many more but lets start with 7)

    1. Be Visible to Customers at All Times

    2. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

    3. Provide Value to Your Customers

    4. Build Brand and Recognition

    5. Improve Customer Engagement

    6. Stand Out From the Competition

    7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

    You can read a full breakdown of each of these in our Blog Post found HERE

    Or simply get in touch to discuss your ideas

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  • 3. What is the difference between a Mobile App and Mobile Business Software?

    In general terms we provide 2 types of Mobile App.  A Consumer App and a Business Software App.  The functions of each are:

    A Consumer App (what we call simply a Mobile App within our site) is an Mobile App that is designed for you to showcase your business to customers and clients.  It can help you engage with your customers, inform them of offers and news via Push Notifications, host an E Loyalty scheme and many other features.  It is published to iTunes and Google Play for your customers and clients to download.

    Mobile Business Software is another kind of Mobile App but is designed for you to help run your business.  Examples could be quoting functions, enquiries, CRM, Management and sales information delivered from your office system to a mobile device, staff training functions - almost anything you can think of to allow people who may not be in the office all the time to work smarter.

    If you have any more questions on the differences and what can be achieved, please get in touch.

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  • 1. What is Custom Business Software?

    In essence, it is software that is specifically designed and built for YOUR business.

    Whatever your business, there is some software that you could buy "over the counter".  If you run a standard business then this may be the most cost effective way to run it.

    Unfortunately, there aren't many "standard" businesses and getting the over-the-counter software to do exactly what you want, see the information you need or simply do the things you want quickly and easily.

    By getting software designed for your business, you can quickly make savings in both time and money and get on with running your business the way you want to.

    Take a look at our PORTFOLIO page to see how we have helped SME's to work smarter or get in touch.

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  • 2. Why do I need Custom Business Software?

    Advantages of getting your own software designed for your business include:

    • You will get the exact software/system that your business needs
    • It will work exactly how you want it to work giving you exactly the information you need in the format you want
    • It will only have the features that you specifically need in your business.
    • You can save significant time automating administration tasks
    • It can reduce errors by performing verification and error handling functions in the background to make sure the data is correct at input
    • It can have disaster recovery built in as a standard or be totally cloud based so any user can use it anywhere.

    The investment in your OWN software can yield massive increases in efficiency and time, allowing you to do more of what you’re good at.

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  • 1. What are the benefits of 360 or VR Imaging?

    Utilising 360 Virtual Reality Tours and Panoramas into your business have many uses:

    • Giving people a taste of your shop, premises or products
    • Selling or Letting a Property – let people walk round it in VR or on your website
    • Give rich, interactive demonstrations of your services
    • Showcase your business to it’s best effect.
    • Give people the guided tour before they visit so that they engage with you faster.  They can walk through your business before they even visit.
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  • 2. What is 360 Interactive Imaging?

    360 Interactive imaging is a way of taking images of a room, outdoor area, event - whatever you like and formatting it with the correct software to create a photo "sphere".

    This is then processed to create a presentation of the whole 360 degree panorama which can be panned around by the user or set as an auto pan.

    The interactivity comes from being able to add images, text information, videos, audio and web links into the image known as hotspots.  These can be click on by the user to see extra information or close ups of certain areas.

    360 images can be linked together to form a 360 Virtual Tour, so that your customer or potential client and have a virtual "walkthrough" of what you want to show them and interact with things in the environment.

    To make this "Virtual Reality", the images can be processed further to display in a split screen viewer (such as Google Cardboard) with an adjustment in each sections perspective to create a 3D representation.

    Have a look at some examples:

    Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership Scheme - TameFest 2017 (with audio)

    Wellbeing Health & Beauty Salon

    Chesham Preparatory School Music Room (HD)

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