How much will a Mobile App for my business cost?

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This is far and away the most popular first question….and possibly the hardest to give a very clear answer to.  In short “it depends”.  If you want to buy a car then do you want a cheap but functional model or a top of the range luxury vehicle?  Obviously what you want it to do and what features you will use will adjust the cost but in general terms, a basic mobile app starts at £399.00 for design.  You also need to factor in that there is an ongoing cost to host the app and allow data changes and push notifications.  These start at about £45 per month.

Of course, a highly technical bespoke app will cost more than this but the advanced features and design will pay for themselves with your increased customer engagement, loyalty and ability to get your customers to refer you.

The easiest thing to do it get in touch with your ideas and we can help you with a more specific idea of costs for your specific app.

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