The Staff-IT App Demo

This page has been set up to allow you to test the features of the Staff-IT app.

Your demo credentials last 7 days.  After then the demo access will be removed and any data you entered securely deleted.

Just follow the steps below to see what the app can do and use the app in the window on the right as you would on your mobile device.

Getting started with Staff-IT

  • Enter the Demo Organisation Code that has been provided to you.  If you haven't got a demo code, email simon@stitwarwickshire.uk to get one.
  • To be able to use all the features of the app from your Staff's persepctive you will need to set your profile.  You can add demo data rather than your actual details should you wish.
  • You can log into the Manager Log In using your Organisation Code as both the username and the password. (username has a capitalised first letter, password is all lower case).
  • If you have set up your profile (as above) you can now use the Authorise User function to approve that user.
  • Once you've set up your profile, you'll be able to add your OWN non availability, either single days or a consecutive number of days (i.e. a holiday) from the My Non Availability button on the home screen (as your staff would).
  • You can also edit days you've said you weren't available and now are.
  • You can download the full Non Availability Report, add new shifts, delete shifts and assign app users to certain shifts.
  • We've added some shifts for December 2021 to get you started and have 3 test staff members already in the app for you to use.
  • If you've added and authorised your own profile, you can add yourself to any of the shifts.  These will then show up in the home screen via the My Assigned Shifts button

Things to try:

  • Add some non availability as a staff member from the home screen then view that non availability as the manager from the Manager Log In (either checking the day you've set as unavailable or via the Non Availability Report Download).
  • Assign staff to shifts and download the Shift report.
  • Add new shifts (when you actually register for the app, if you have lots of shifts to enter we'll do it for you).

Feel free to have a good look around and if you have any questions check out the Staff-IT page or feel free to drop an email to simon@stitwarwickshire.uk

Got a question or a feature idea?

We're always happy to answer your questions or hear your ideas how we can make Staff-IT more useful to you.

Email us at simon@stitwarwickshire.uk

You can use the app in the window below as you would do on your mobile device

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