Buying From Bed!

Your customers and clients want to buy from you when it’s convenient to THEM!

This statement shouldn’t surprise you.  After all, if all your customers got together and co-ordinated their purchasing and enquiries from you so that it fit around your schedule, business would be a lot easier!

Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works.

If you are not convenient and visible to your customers when they think about your product or service YOU WILL LOSE BUSINESS.

A little case study of ME!

Last Sunday evening, I got a notification on my phone about a new Blog post from someone I had worked with before. I was in bed.  Nevertheless I looked at it (as I ALWAYS check my phone when it buzzes if I’m awake) and read the article on their App.  It was great!  I thought “I could add some value to that” so pushed the Call Me button on their app and scheduled a call from them the following morning. (I got the call the following day and am now working on a joint project).

While I was on my phone, I checked the renewal date for my home insurance, bought some more coffee pods for the coffee maker, did some banking, looked at a couple of 360 images of holiday cottages for my next break, shared them to my wife who was working a night shift so she could look at them on Monday…….was I the only person doing business research and transactions on a Sunday evening?  DEFINITELY NOT!

I got a couple of notifications from users of a local Business Consortium App I run claiming vouchers they were entitled to for collecting Loyalty Points on their mobile phones.  I processed them there and then.  So there were at least 3 of us using our mobiles for buying or selling.

So WHY didn’t I get my laptop out and do all this?  CONVENIENCE!  I was already on my phone and could do it all there….so why bother. No boot up time for my laptop, no checking whether it’s charged, no google searching…just everything I needed there in my hand.

Sound familiar?

This is how your Customers and Clients do things…when it’s convenient to them.  Could I have thought, “Oh I can’t do all this now so I’ll remember to do it tomorrow when the businesses I need are open?”…Yes….but then I guarantee I wouldn’t have done it all and some businesses may not have profited from me.

And here’s the crunch….I’ll say it again……If you are not convenient to your customers or clients then YOU WILL LOSE BUSINESS!

People want to look at things to buy, services they need, or information they want when they think about it.  It’s an immediate consumer culture.

They don’t want to wait until they are in front of their computer, when they’ve already got a computer in their pocket!

Whether they are on public transport, just out of a meeting, waiting for an appointment, waiting for their friends in a pub….they think about it – they want to buy, research or contact there and then!

With the dominance of Mobile Technology and the fact it outstrips PC and Laptop functions……


Mobile phones are here to stay. They are NOT the “Betamax” of current technology.  They will only continue to improve the customer experience and feed the Instant Buy culture.

With 24 hours visibility, direct marketing channels, instant call or request contact functions and so much more, a Mobile App goes further than just a website. Your logo sits there on their phone as a visual reminder of your business and your relationship with them ALL THE TIME. When they think about your product or service….there it is!

With Mobile Apps starting from as little as £450 (and we’ll even spread the initial cost) with a £45 monthly hosting fee, you could be serving your current customers more effectively and efficiently and getting them to recommend your business to their friends.

The time is NOW! Leap ahead of your competitors and promote your own company image.

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