Bringing Independent Garages technology to enagage with their customers like the Dealerships do!

In short, Your Garage App is designed for Independent Garages to keep in touch with their customers in a new and exciting way with their own mobile app.

We’ve built in a whole host of features to benefit the Garage and their Customers…and we’ve got more exciting features planned for the future.

For the Customer:

  • MOT Reminders – Enter your registration in the “Your Car” section and the app will look up when the MOT is next due and send you a reminder a month before to book it in.
  • Get Work Updates – When you have your car saved in Your Garage App, the garage can send you updates on the work they’re doing, if they need you to call, or when it’s done, immediately and directly to your mobile.
  • Quick Contact – Customers can request a Call Back, send an email, call you directly or find out where you are…straight from Your Garage App!
  • Find out about the Services and Special Offers from their garage.
  • Get push notifications from their garage about Seasonal Check Reminders, Special Offers…just about anything!

For the Garage:

  • When using the MOT Reminder feature, they are already within your app and have the ability to contact you immediately.
  • You can enhance your communication and engagement, by providing quick and immediate updates on work you are carrying out for your customers via the Admin Panel section of Your Garage App
  • It’s branded with your Logo and includes all your information.  Nothing generic…just YOUR services, offers and expertise.
  • Your customers can send you requests to call them back, when they think about it – and you can contact them directly from the App when you’re next available.   AND – if they’ve saved their car in the app you’ll have that information to hand as well when you call.
  • Customer Emails sent directly from Your Garage App are routed directly to your own email account.  You’ll also get a notification on your Mobile when anyone sends an email or requests a callback.
  • You can send out messages from Your Garage App to all your customers who have it, letting them know about offers, seasonal checks or information…anything you want them to know.

We are ready to launch Your Garage App now!  It’s free for the customers to download and we have a GREAT offer to mark our launch.

Interested?  Act now.  We’re not going to hold the introductory launch offer for ever.  Take a look at the video to see what it could bring to YOUR business.  If you don’t run an Independent Garage – don’t worry…Just let them know.

Get in touch via the Your Garage App Facebook Page and get YOUR Garage App