The Staff-IT App Portal

The Staff-IT Portal allows you to use all the management tools available which you can't use on a mobile device.

You can access your downloads of Non Availability reports and Staff Shifts.

Simply use the app on the right as you would on your mobile device.


How do I download my Staff-IT Non Availability Reports?

If you haven't logged in to the portal before, enter your Organisation ID and the app will open in the same way as on your mobile.
Tap on "Manager Log In" and log in with your credentials provided to you. Tap on "Download Current Non Availability Report" then select the month you wish to download. The report will download as a CSV file and your browser will ask you what you want to do with it.

I've got lots of shifts to add

If you have a lot of shifts to add we can do it for you. As a registered and valued customer, just email us at s.toon@st-it.co.uk and we'll send you a spreadsheet template. Fill it out with the shifts you'd like to add and we'll do the rest. Bulk uploads are normally completed within 2 working days.....but frequently MUCH faster.

Got a question or a feature idea?

We're always happy to answer your questions or hear your ideas how we can make Staff-IT more useful to you.

Email us at s.toon@st-it.co.uk

You can use the app in the window below as you would do on your mobile device

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