Helping our Health & Social Care Providers in any way we can

We've been racking our brains to see how we can help in the current situation which finds our Health & Social Care institutions under serious stress.

We're funding this ourselves until AT LEAST 1st July 2020 (dependent on the volume of take up) and hopefully longer.  Watch this space.

With that in mind (and having a Nurse in the family) we've come up with a Mobile App that allows Managers & Co-ordinators to put out shifts that require extra staffing.  They can send these out on the app and by Push Notification.  We're hoping that this will help them reduce costs on Bulk SMS subscriptions that they currently have to pay for as well as efficiently notifying ALL their staff when there is a requirement for extra staff.

On the other side, approved members of staff can show when they are available at short notice, allowing the Managers and Co-ordinators to see if anyone is available to work quickly and easily.

We've kept security in mind, ensuring that all members of staff that register on the app need to be approved via a Manager or Co-ordinator before they can view shifts, mark themselves as available or make calls to their work place via the app.

We're offering this absolutely FREE OF CHARGE at the moment to all members within the NHS, Health Care Providers, Social Care Homes or Social Care Providers and we'll keep doing this as long as we can.  We're covering all design, hosting and customisation of the app as well as costs involved in keeping it live and maintaining the services required to send unlimited push notifications.

We want to be open that if there is a big take up of this service and app, we will be looking at funding it through various models if it becomes necessary...but we'll let everyone know with as much notice as possible.

SO...If you work in the Health & Social Care sector, whether Public or Private, and would like to get this app for your unit, ward, care home, clinic or social care staff, get in touch via our dedicated facebook page and we'll get you more information, get you set up and support you through using it to it's best effect.