What is 360 Interactive Imaging?

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360 Interactive imaging is a way of taking images of a room, outdoor area, event – whatever you like and formatting it with the correct software to create a photo “sphere”.

This is then processed to create a presentation of the whole 360 degree panorama which can be panned around by the user or set as an auto pan.

The interactivity comes from being able to add images, text information, videos, audio and web links into the image known as hotspots.  These can be click on by the user to see extra information or close ups of certain areas.

360 images can be linked together to form a 360 Virtual Tour, so that your customer or potential client and have a virtual “walkthrough” of what you want to show them and interact with things in the environment.

To make this “Virtual Reality”, the images can be processed further to display in a split screen viewer (such as Google Cardboard) with an adjustment in each sections perspective to create a 3D representation.

Have a look at some examples:

Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership Scheme – TameFest 2017 (with audio)

Wellbeing Health & Beauty Salon

Chesham Preparatory School Music Room (HD)

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