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Entry for Able Seaman Joseph Tennant




Joseph Bernard


Able Seaman


HMS Agincourt

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Commemorated on the plaque at the Roman Catholic Church. Joseph Bernard Tennant was born on 30th June 1895 in Birmingham, the son of John and Elizabeth Tennant, and brother of James Edward Tennant. He served aboard HMS Agincourt in the Royal Navy, service number J.11936. HMS Agincourt, a Dreadnought battleship, joined the 4th Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet on 25th August 1914, first based on Scapa Flow, in the Orkney Islands. Able Seaman Tennant was killed in an accident on 10th November 1914 and is buried in the Flotta Parish Churchyard, Orkney.

From “Royal Navy ships had to "coal ship" as soon as they returned into Scapa Flow from patrol or exercises. Coaling involved all ranks "pitching in" on a dirty, difficult and dangerous task which took its toll on ship crews. Three of the RN sailors buried in Flotta Kirkyard died as a result of accidents while coaling ships. Two Able Seamen of HMS Agincourt, Charles L. Smith and Joseph B. Tennant, died of head injuries on 10th November 1914, probably hit by a coal sling that went "out of control ". Leading Stoker Thomas J Mead of HMS Orion died on 8th November 1914, of skull fracture after falling into a collier hold."

St Vincent’s Journal, No. 23, Summer 1916 A Cross. The Captain of HMS Agincourt has written to the sister of B Tennant: “I have to inform you that the Works Department are authorized to erect a simple naval memorial – a concrete maltese cross with inscription plate – to mark the burial of Joseph B Tennant, Able Seaman, who was buried in the Church Yard, Flotta, on the 12th November, 1914.” We are glad to learn that such a mark of respect has been paid to “Barney.”
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